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Keaton Raphael Memorial, Local Childhood Cancer Organization, Released a New Logo Representing Evolvement over the Years Providing Comprehensive Services and Assistance for Children with Cancer and Their families, Along With Their Drive Toward Funding Research to Find a Cure 

Roseville CA, Oct 31 2013 For the past 15 years Keaton Raphael Memorial (KRM) has grown and developed into an invaluable resource to thousands of children with cancer and their families as they take on the hardest battle of their lives. They are excited to announce a fresh new logo and tagline signifying growth and evolvement from one symbol into three, hope, strength, healing which are the foundations behind their mission; providing financial, educational, and emotional support to children who have cancer and their families along with funding towards research for a cure.

“We wanted to show the exciting and new that was happening on the inside by creating something new for everyone to see on the outside.” Executive Director, Teresa Hofhenke, of Keaton Raphael Memorial stated of the new logo idea. “After providing hope, strength, and healing to children with cancer for many years, the logo symbolizes these as the backing behind Keaton Raphael Memorial providing support to families with children who have cancer.”

The new logo signifies “hope, strength, healing for children with cancer”. The heart, hand, and butterfly combined as a unit exemplify what KRM has developed into and will continue to push forward with in the future. As they continue providing comprehensive services and assistance towards hope and healing for children with cancer there is also a very large strength needed behind KRM’s drive in funding research to find a cure.

KRM’s new logo and website was made possible by a dedicated team of individuals and community partners; Windfarm Marketing Team, Media Junction, Rie.design, Nichole Bremer Photography, Board Member Mary Towne with Elevate Public Relations, and Board Member Stephanie Ringey with Westfield Galleria. All played key roles providing artistic skills, eye for design, creative minds, and devotion to KRM’s cause.

“I cannot thank everyone enough for the amount of time and effort they provided along with the Keaton Raphael Memorial community for their continued support.” Executive Director Teresa Hofhenke states of the impact KRM’s community has had on their growth and expansion. “The Keaton Raphael Memorial would not be where we are today without each partner, volunteer, community member, and follower. They are all truly hope, strength, & healing for children with cancer.”

For KRM the new look and logo provides the updated software and materials needed to continue moving forward expanding to higher levels of helping children with cancer and their families.

About Keaton Raphael Memorial:

The Keaton Raphael Memorial is a nonprofit organization providing financial, emotional, and educational assistance to children battling cancer and their families while building awareness and funding towards a cure.



September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Join the Keaton’s Family as we focus on the realities of childhood cancer, highlight stories of local families, and advocate for more pediatric cancer research, all while giving HOPE, STRENGTH, and HEALING to our families.

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