Hope, Strength, and Healing for families coping with a child cancer diagnosis

Keeping Our Families on the Road

Lukas- 1 year old

Diagnosis: Neuroblastoma

Lukas was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in April of this year after his parents took him to the emergency room for being unresponsive. Lukas spent his first Birthday in the ICU and has already endured 3 cycles of chemo. Despite the enormous hardship this family has faced, they continue to stay strong for Lukas.

With only one car, it was imperative that the repairs to their vehicle were made in order to get Lukas to and from treatment. Thankfully, Kniesel’s made this possible. Because of their generous in-kind donation, Lukas has been able to make it to all of his necessary appointments.

The total cost of the repairs originally was $3,471.03. After the discount, the costs have been reduced to $2,113.76

Total amount donated by Kniesel’s- $1,357.27

Kniesel’s plays a vital role in Keaton Raphael Memorial’s Family Navigator Program. Our partnership with Kniesel’s has allowed our program to better assist the needs of children with cancer and their families. With the generous in-kind donations and discounts provided by Kniesel’s to our KRM families, our program has been able to provide countless families with much needed car repairs in order to get their child to and from treatment.

We are very proud and grateful to have such a wonderful partnership with a company that supports our mission: Provide emotional, educational and financial support to families affected by childhood cancer.


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Join the Keaton’s Family as we focus on the realities of childhood cancer, highlight stories of local families, and advocate for more pediatric cancer research, all while giving HOPE, STRENGTH, and HEALING to our families.

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