Hope, Strength, and Healing for families coping with a child cancer diagnosis

How We Help – Draft

Childhood Cancer Targets the entire Family & so does Keaton’s Child Cancer Alliance. 

As a family’s life is turned up-side-down by a childhood cancer diagnosis, Keaton’s Child Cancer Alliance’s goal is to assist in taking care of the family and relieve daily stresses to provide them the time to focus on their child’s recovery.

Linking Families, Building Hope, Providing Support

Our Family Navigator Program provides customized supportive services to local families as they navigate the complexities of their childhood cancer journey.

Our goal is to care for the family so that their attention can be focused on their child and understand that each family along with each diagnosis of childhood cancer is unique. 

Family-Centered Support may include:

· Financial Support

· Hope Chest – family care package

· Case Management

· Informal Emotional Support

· Family Events

· Travel Assistance

· Auto Maintenance & Repair Support

· Financial Literacy Education

· Parent-to-Parent Support

· Teen Support

· Sibling Support

· Bereavement Support

· Holiday Adopt-A-Family Program

· Links to Community Resources

Family Navigators provide on-going support and resources based on each family’s unique needs. By helping families eliminate stressors and potential barriers, their attention can be focused on their child.