Hope, Strength, and Healing for families coping with a child cancer diagnosis

Welcome Maleah, MSW Intern

Please join in welcoming our MSW intern, Maleah!

Maleah will be interning with Keaton’s for the Spring and Summer semester and is currently working on a yearlong program to earn her Master of Social Work degree with UMass Global. She graduated from Sacramento State University in 2022 with her Bachelor’s in Social Work and has utilized her skills and knowledge to further her social work practice, with a primary focus on crisis intervention assessments and mental health. After graduating with her MSW degree in August 2023, Maleah is interested in pursuing her LCSW and becoming a Medical Social Worker within a hospital setting, specializing in pediatric oncology.  

Maleah chose Keaton’s as her internship placement after reading our mission statement and hearing about the positive impact we make to the families we serve.

“I am so excited and honored to intern alongside Keaton’s. The team has been amazing, and I am looking forward to creating relationships with families while also utilizing and gaining skills to use in my future endeavors as a social worker.”

We look forward to having Maleah as a part of our Family Navigator team!

Keaton’s Back-to-School

As a part of our Education, Research & Advocacy Program, Keaton’s hosted our 2nd annual Back-to-School event just in time for the new school year! Kiddos and siblings shared joy and excitement as they picked out a brand-new backpack, lunchbox, and essential school supplies, and put their skills to the test by participating in on-site STEM activities. It was such a great time connecting with so many families and helping them get prepared for an exciting new school year! For those families who couldn’t attend this event, our team of Family Navigators were honored to hand-deliver the backpacks and school supplies knowing how crucial this support is for many families.

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Keaton’s Girlfriendz Spa Day

A huge thank you to our new friends at Girlfriendz Spa Day, for hosting a relaxing, joy-filled event just for Keaton’s kiddos, siblings, and special friends!

Kiddos were pampered with a relaxing spa day which included manicures, pedicures, hair art, and makeup, while also enjoying snacks and beverages just for them!

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Keaton’s Day at the MOSAC

Our Keaton’s Teen Alliance had a blast exploring the Museum of Science and Curiosity (MOSAC)! Minds were expanded as our teens visited the wonders of science through interactive exhibits, engineering design challenges, and awesome astronomy show.

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