Hope, Strength, and Healing for families coping with a child cancer diagnosis

Keaton’s Teen Alliance ~ Spreading Kindness

Our Keaton’s Teen Alliance (KTA) exists to gain a better understanding of the many challenges our teens face throughout their journeys.

The Teen Alliance strives to build connections amongst each other, spread kindness to the world, and is meant to be a fun way overall to promote mental wellness. In honor of building connections and spreading kindness to others, Keaton’s hosted an event with teen patients and their teen siblings to celebrate the magic of Valentine’s Day. Teens had the opportunity to create tie blankets to keep or gift to a loved one, and they made the kind decision to create Valentine’s cards for adult oncology patients. When deciding to spread love and promote mental well-being to adult cancer patients, 17-year-old Teen Ambassador, Conor, shared “I feel like the care shouldn’t only be directed at children. If adults are in pain, they should be helped. If we have the opportunity to do so, we should.” 

Thank you to our AMAZING teens for coming together to make new friendships and create an inclusive safe space for everyone to share their deepest feelings and experiences. Keaton’s team is forever committed to supporting the emotional well-being of the adolescents we serve. 

Monster Jam 2024!

Monster trucks roared, the ground shuddered, and electricity crackled in the air! Witnessing the wide-eyed wonder of our Keaton kiddos and families was pure magic as they enjoyed the excitement of Monster Jam! They gasped at stunts, cheered during races, and their laughter echoed through the arena. Their excitement was contagious, filling the night with unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

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Keaton’s Child Cancer Alliance – Mission in Motion Fall 2023

In this Edition of Keaton’s Mission in Motion
• Share in Honoring our 25th Anniversary with a Special Holiday Tradition • Be the Hope for Childhood Cancer Warriors • Get a Glimpse of Keaton’s Kiddo Colby’s Day with the Chic-Fil-A Team • Become a Beacon of Hope by joining Keaton’s 11th Annual “Glow for Gold Gala,” Saturday, January 20th.

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Colby’s Dream Day as a CFA Employee

Colby is a 13-year-old rockstar that has been battling T-Cell ALL for almost three years. When connecting with his family and finding areas of support, we learned of Colby’s deep love for CFA, their nuggets, and being a future employee. Seeing how much joy this institution brought them, we partnered with our annual partner- CFA Madison Ave- to make his dream come true!

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