• Beyond the Cure—The N.C.C.S.-sponsored Web site contains information regarding all aspects of cancer survivorship. It also allows the survivor or family member to create a personalized risk assessment specific to diagnosis and treatment.
  • Cancer Survivors Network—After joining, members may participate in public and private chat with other cancer survivors.
  • Cancer Survivors Online—Offers ideas on dealing with the medical community and treatment, subscription to an email list of services and support through sharing stories online.
  • Cancer-Survivors IRC Chat Channel—An online chat room for cancer survivors. The site posts survivors’ biographies set to the audio background of “I Will Survive.”
  • Cancervive—This web site is maintained by a childhood cancer survivor. It contains educational material for survivors.
  • Dana Farber Cancer Institute—This Web site discusses current survivorship research being done at Dana Farber, as well as discusses cancer prevention and risk factors.
  • FertileHope—This organization meets the profound needs of patients whose medical treatments present the risk of infertility. The site explains what treatments may affect fertility, as well as preventative steps to take prior to treatment.
  • The George Washington University Heath Resource Center—A national clearinghouse for post secondary education options and outcomes for individuals with intellectual disabilities.
  • National Cancer Survivors Day (NCSD)—(The NCSD Foundation’s National Cancer Survivors Day is the world’s largest cancer survivor event. It is celebrated on the first Sunday of June. Information about the event, as well as a free celebration-planning kit, is available from the Foundation.
  • National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship Lists the national programs related to cancer survivors. The web site is in Spanish and English.
  • Outlook – Life Beyond Childhood Cancer—Offers current survivorship information and hot survivorship topics. It has valuable information on topics like insurance and fertility and links to personal Web pages of survivors.
  • The Brain Tumor Society—Stories of long-term survivors of childhood brain tumors.
  • The Children’s Cause—This site offers updates on national policies that affect research, healthcare and services for pediatric-cancer  survivors.
  • Wrightslaw—Updated and accurate information on special education laws.