Hope, Strength, and Healing for families coping with a child cancer diagnosis

BagOfLife® A Community Hero & Partner

Almost three years ago, a unique partnership unfolded between Keaton’s Child Cancer Alliance (Keaton Raphael Memorial at the time) and another local non-profit, whose mission is to “provide nutritious meals to those facing hunger in our community.”   Upon meeting the President of Family Green Survival, Gopal K. Kapur, it was evident that the BagOfLife® program would be a wonderful addition to the Hope Chest, a family care package delivered to families while hospitalized during their child’s treatment.    

Often times, children are hospitalized for several days, weeks, and even months at a given time during their treatment regimen.  The goal is to provide the child and the family member(s) at bedside a healthy, nutritious meal that they too can enjoy even when confined to a hospital room.

Since 2015, Family Green Survival has donated over 300 GrandHotCereal™ bags to be included in Hope Chest packages.  By simply adding the package contents to boiling water, families can enjoy a meal that provides high quality protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and natural dietary fiber. This product is just one of four nutritious meals offered that are easy to prepare and delicious. 

Family Green Survival impacts the local community by providing nutrition education, smart food shopping, and healthy cooking skills in order to help combat chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. For these reasons, we are honored to partner with Family Green Survival as in support of families along the pediatric cancer journey.

To learn more about this Community Hero and Partner, please visit Family Green Survival.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Join the Keaton’s Family as we focus on the realities of childhood cancer, highlight stories of local families, and advocate for more pediatric cancer research, all while giving HOPE, STRENGTH, and HEALING to our families.

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