Hope, Strength, and Healing for families coping with a child cancer diagnosis


The stories from our kids, parents, siblings, other family members and friends truly represent our mission and inspire us to continue moving forward every day until we can celebrate the news that a cure has been found.


You sent us a $500 check which we cannot thank you enough for! Our son Travis got pneumonia and then his ANC dropped well below 500 for 3 weeks. Due to this either my husband or I had to stay home with him and thus miss work. We were not going to be able to make our mortgage payment and the $500 you sent helped us to be able to make the payment.   – Hutchinson Family


Thank you for your support, kindness, and generosity. My family and I will always appreciate what you’ve done for baby Andrew. I remember the first time I heard from your foundation. Andrew received a big box full of gifts (educational toys, blankets, hats).  That gift was a message to our hearts. We also received a $500 check that helped us so much to cover some expenses, specially gas and food while at the hospital. As we approach this new stage of treatment, Proton Therapy in San Diego, you bless us with $250 in gas cards!!! We appreciate that you have been with us every step of the way!! We believe Andrew is on his way to recovery (scans confirm this, too) and we will be eternally grateful for all of your support.  Big Thanks – Andrew’s Mom, The Anderson Family


Thank you for your recent support of our son Quentin and his battle against pediatric cancer.  He has undergone weekly chemotherapy treatment since November 2013 and is doing exceptionally well. We have been blessed to be surrounded by incredible people to lean on during his battle. Thank you for being a part of this team!   – Rios Family

Mason 3 years old


Hospital: Kaiser Roseville

“Thank You so much for your generosity to my son and our family. Our three year old son was inpatient for six months and we had to move and live in the trailer on site in the parking lot of the hospital. It was an incredible difficult journey. But we were so touched when we received the gifts from your foundation. It so comforting to just to know there were other individuals and parents that knew exactly what we were feeling and dealing with. The financial assistance was such a blessing and thank you for all you do, helping navigate through such difficult times.” Sincerely, Mark and Michelle

Lilian 3 years old

Diagnosis- Alvealar Rhabdomyosarcoma

“Lillian’s care package arrived at the very right time of her treatment in February-after a week-long stay at the hospital having 7 platelet transfusions, 4 blood transfusions and 1 F.F.P. transfusion. When we finally got back home, your package was at the door along with a $500 check for us. It was as if an Angel knew that we had traveled a long road that week and blessed us in the end with your generosity. We are truly better people for knowing you all and Keaton’s beautiful legacy.” Sincerely, Ben, Natalie, Lillian and Kyle

Baby Makayla diagnosed at just 8 months old

Baby Makayla Childhood Cancer Awareness March 28 – Facebook Makayla Rec’d a heart warming package in the mail today from the Keaton Raphael Foundation. It includes a personalized blanket, toys, clothes, hats, and even toys for her brother Braden. It also includes a check to help pay for her medical bills. We feel very grateful. I can’t wait for her treatments to be over with so we can volunteer at organizations like this. I also want to mention that ever since she was diagnosed we rec’d many gifts and cards from many on Facebook. We really appreciate each and every thoughtful gift and message. I’m saving everything in a box for Makayla. So when she grows up she will know she’s so loved by many all over the country.

Mother Shannon’s words….

A while ago my daughter was a patient at UC Davis dealing with a very rare form of Luekemia. You sent us a care package. With the whirlwind that was treatment and bone-marrow transplant I sometimes forgot to thank those that helped us. This morning I am remembering to say thank you. It was a couple years ago, but I know this organization cares for every child it helps. She survived her treatment and transplant and is doing very well now. So in closing thank you for playing a part in caring and helping us to keep faith. I want you guys to know how much you help families like mine. Take Care, Shannon

Written in March 2012 Letter from Emily’s mother:

Dear Robyn and KRM Staff

My kids and I are strangers to you. Yet you reached out with such kindness and generosity. You let us know you care about what we are going through. Just seven weeks ago were introduced to a new life…Cancer! We call it our ugly horrible nightmare. My twelve year old daughter Emily was diagnosed with Pediactive Sarcoma. It’s a rare liver cancer. “It” (as we call this tumor) is the size of a grapefruit and there were no signs of it until February 7, 2012 when she got out of the bath and said she had a lump on her belly and what is it? The next morning we went straight to the doctor’s and hasn’t stopped since. We have spent more nights and days at Kaiser Roseville than at home. As I write this she getting another Chemo treatment. Chemo has sure taken its toll on her and I. In such a short amount of time so much has happened to her. I want you to know how much she likes the blanket you sent. When we are at home it’s on the bed and she chose to bring it to the hospital. Not only for the warmth but it brightens the room too! She enjoyed getting the box of goodies, inside of it was a hat, crafts, books, etc. My son Austin was pleased he was thought of too! He is seventeen years old and at home with my 83 year old mom. He has been a lot of help for her when he’s not at school. As for me? Again I say we are strangers to you and you sent us a check to use as we wish! I have not cashed it yet. I have not had time to get to the bank. I am going to save the money until I decide what’s best to use it for. Hopefully we get to use it on something fun and have a memory to share, instead of a bill that comes up unexpectedly. I am a single mom and do not receive any financial support from their dad. So your check is greatly appreciated to us. We have quite a road to travel in this new world called Cancer. You have made it a little easier with your thoughtfulness. She will be getting her operation done on April 10, 2012. We were just told last week that is ten weeks earlier than expected. We are very excited but of course scared. When time permits this week I will get on your website.
Thanks again so much for thinking of me and my kids.     Karen, Emily and Austin

Karla, 12 years old


To All of You at Keaton Raphael Staff,
We want to thank you for always being here for us. You are all so kind to have helped us in our time of need and the box that Keaton’s grandpa made for Karla is Beautiful; we keep all of Karla’s cards inside with pictures. We want to thank you again for kindness during a time like this we realize how much our family and friends really mean to us. Your expressions of sympathy and generosity will always be remembered.  Love Always, Karla’s Family

“It’s so nice to know that you not only have someone who cares about your child who is sick but also genuinely cares about the whole family. Prescilla has been a blessing in our lives and has helped us tremendously with anything we might need and has been a great emotional support for my wife especially because she is able to communicate with us in our own language. KRM is a wonderful organization and once my son is done with his treatment, we plan on becoming actively involved. Again, thank you so much for all your support KRM!” -Rigoberto -Father

Roselia November 2012, Mother of: Lily

Diagnosis: Down syndrome and Leukemia Hospital: UCD “Keaton Raphael Memorial has been such a blessing in our lives; they have been there to help us in whatever we may need. This year because of our financial constraints we were not going to do Thanksgiving but as soon as I had told my children that this year it was going to be a little different we get a call from KRM with the wonderful news that they had a turkey for us. They are always thinking of my children and I and we are extremely grateful to have them in our lives and also the donors and supporters of KRM.”