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Annual Report

We are proud to present the accomplishments and advances made over the years through extensive hard work at Keaton Raphael Memorial along with support from our community members and partners coming together to take action and make changes towards a cure for childhood cancer.


2000- 2005
$72,000 Pediatric Oncology Clinical Trials Program, U.C. Davis Cancer Center
$15,000 Pediatric Pain Management Program and the Bone Marrow Transplant Program
$50,000 Naming of “Keaton’s Korner” Playroom in new UCD Cancer Center Expansion
$40,000 Re-establishment of the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Program

2006 – 2010
$92,000 Raman Research Project determining if there are new natural substances we can discover to target leukemia cells/Research project to try to identify new ways to identify cancer cells
$128,079 Initiated a Pediatric Developmental Therapeutics Consortium in the Northwest conducting; Phase I Clinical Trial Studies
$36,000 Pediatric Oncology Clinical Trials Program, U.C. Davis Cancer Center
$289,024 Raman Research Project, Center for Biophotonics, & U.C. Davis Clinical Trials Program

2011 – 2014
$379,466 Neuroblastoma Targeted Therapy, Dr. Noriko Satake, U.C. Davis Medical Center

2015 – 2016
Report Coming Soon

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