Hope, Strength, and Healing for families coping with a child cancer diagnosis

Honoring Keaton’s Angel – Abel

We remember our Keaton’s Angel, Abel

On August 17th, 2021, Abel was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, a malignant brain tumor. Abel was 17 years old at the time preparing to finish his senior year of high school and go on to college. This news changed all his life plans and what he had prepared for his entire life. Abel and his family were referred to Keaton’s Family Navigator Program in February of 2022. After learning about the personal challenges his family was experiencing, we were honored to support his Mom while she did her best to find a balance between working and being a caretaker.

Our Family Navigator learned so much about the family and Abel, including how much he thrived in school. When he was attending regular public school, he did not feel like he fit in, leaving him wanting more in his education in a different environment with others he could relate to. This led him to reach out to a prestige boarding school in Palo Alto and after he connected with the school’s director, he took the opportunity to start his education there.

Being able to connect with Mom to learn about Abel’s life accomplishments has been an honor for Keaton’s. Abel unexpectedly gained his angel wings on March 16th, 2022. As a kind and smart teenager, he had so many goals he aspired to accomplish. Throughout his journey, he never stopped caring for his loved ones and always worried about his Mom. With Abel’s heart of gold, his legacy certainly lives on with the unforgettable impact he has made.

We remember our Keaton’s angel, Abel. In the words of Abel’s sweet family, “Abel left us beautiful memories of love and affection, his hugs were so special that we could feel how much he loved us, his advice always positive and with the intention of helping others, his way of seeing life in a harmonious and calm way. His taste for music, drawing, video games and his creativity, led him to carry out beautiful projects in his school, which will stay with us forever. After 6 months of war he lost the battle against cancer at the age of 17. Despite the situation, Abel always remained strong and positive. His spirits were never down. He always made sure to give his best and show love to his loved ones. Our dear Abel. Son, brother and friend. Now our Little Guardian Angel.” – Abel’s Mom and Sister

Losing a loved can lead to many different forms of grief. Keaton’s Child Cancer Alliance is here to support families whose child transitions into our Angel Wings Program by offering a Remembrance Box, grief resources, and financial support towards memorial services.

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