Esperanza, fortaleza y sanación para familias que enfrentan un diagnóstico de cáncer infantil

About Us Draft

At Alianza contra el cáncer infantil de Keaton, our highest purpose is to provide an invaluable resource for thousands of Northern California children with cancer and their families.

Nuestra misión

“Nuestra misión es apoyar a los niños con cáncer y a sus familias con apoyo emocional, educativo y financiero, al mismo tiempo que aumentamos la conciencia y financiamos la investigación para encontrar una cura”.

Why We Exist

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There are three key facts about childhood cancer:

  1. Childhood cancer does not discriminate.
  2. A childhood cancer diagnosis targets the entire family.
  3. No family can prepare for a childhood cancer diagnosis.How We Help

Él Alianza contra el cáncer infantil de Keaton provides a network of compassionate support to children with cancer and their families. Our staff, interns, volunteers, and supporters serve as a vital resource for hope to those going through a fight no child or family should have to endure alone.

Programa de navegador familiar

Each family we serve is assigned a navigator who provides support along with the information, resources, and education necessary to navigate the complexities of the family’s childhood cancer journey.  The personal support and resources help families deal with the anxiety induced by a cancer diagnosis.

A quién servimos

Keaton’s Child Cancer Alliance serves children and their families referred from the following partner hospitals: UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, Sutter Memorial, Kaiser Permanente Roseville, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland, Kaiser Permanente Oakland.  As community support enables us to grow, we look forward to serving every Northern California child and family facing the fight against cancer.

Childhood cancer numbers have improved over the years however, it is still affecting far too many children and families and the support of communities and organizations like Alianza contra el cáncer infantil de Keaton is what will eventually put an end to this silent killer and give our children the life they deserve to live.

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