Esperanza, fortaleza y sanación para familias que enfrentan un diagnóstico de cáncer infantil

Novedades de Keaton's Child Cancer Alliance - Keaton's Korner julio de 2019

¡Reserva! ¡Toma el sol este verano y únete a nosotros para desear que nunca termine! El sábado 28 de septiembre, venga a celebrar la belleza del verano con cócteles y deliciosos bocados junto al estanque, románticos paseos en bicicleta por los senderos y el resplandor del atardecer.

Brindamos por el final del verano con una comida de temporada de la granja al tenedor organizada por Bella Bru, entretenimiento y subastas, todo para apoyar la capacidad de Keaton's Child Cancer Alliance para llevar a las familias locales a través del diagnóstico y tratamiento del cáncer.

Meet Keaton’s Kiddo – MJ

May of 2021 started like any other month. Our family was enjoying the warm weather and spending time with friends and family. Unfortunately, May was the month that our world would change in a way we never expected.

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Meet Keaton’s Kiddo – Yazmine

During the week of July 17th, 2023, Yazmine hadn’t been herself.  She’d been running fevers on and off and wasn’t eating.  She had no energy and only wanted to sleep.  Then, on July 19th, her dad’s birthday, we decided that I would take her to the ER for a quick check up and be back in time to make a birthday dinner.  Little did we know everything would change on that day.  

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Keaton’s Child Cancer Alliance – Mission in Motion Spring 2024

In this Edition of Keaton’s Mission in Motion:
• Share in the Glow for Gold Gala’s Roaring Success for Childhood Cancer Warriors & Families! • Meet Keaton’s Kiddos Eddy and Ellora • Share in the Love and Joy Provided this Past Holiday Season • See Our Mission in Motion as We Continue to Fund Childhood Cancer Research • Learn How You Can Get Involved by Attending One of Our “Brave the Shave” Events,
Support our Mission by attending the April 2nd Sacramento Kings Game and Our 27th Annual “Chipping Away at Childhood Cancer” Golf Tournament.

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