A few words of what the snuggle blanket has done……

“We still have a beautiful, blue blanket with Jedidiah’s name on it, and we sleep under it every night! Thank you.”– Mother of and Angel

“She loved the blanket! Every time we go to the hospital, she makes us take it so we can dress up her bed with it.”- Mother of a fighter

“He holds onto it during his appointments. It provides him with so much comfort.”- Mother of a fighter

“Thank you Keaton Raphael Memorial for the beautiful snuggle blanket you sent me. I will be starting out my 4th round of chemotherapy any day now and I’ll be sure to bring my Snuggle Blanket with me!”- A Tiny Hero, Arielle

Finished Snuggle Blanket Measurements

Baby- 3×3 ft.

3yrs-10yrs old- 4.5×4 ft.

Teenagers- 4×5 ft.

1. Blankets are made in three sizes for four age groups. Fabric colors/ prints are chosen to match each child.

  • birth – 3 years old 1 yard
  • 4-10 years old 1 ½ yards
  • 11-18 years old 2 yards

2. Fabric is coordinating fleece: print top with solid back

3. Lay fabric on the floor, right sides together: Smooth all wrinkles out (IMPORTANT)

4. Trim edges of the top/ back together, making sure to remove all lettering/ salvage/ crooked edges

5. Sew together with ½” in seam allowance. Leave 6 in. opening to turn right side out.

6. Turn right side out. Be sure to pull corners square.

7. Roll edges of 6 in. opening closed. Sew with a 1/8 in. seam allowance to close the hole.

8. Pin around all edges before you top stitch a border around the entire blanket 1 – 1 ½ inches from the edge. Be sure to flatten edge of blanket as you sew the border so that the top and bottom are flush to each other.

Thank you to our fabulous blanket making volunteers!