Links to Local Food Banks

Links to Financial Sources

  • Helps Single Parent Families
  • California Children’s Services: helps pay for medical care if you qualify.
  • Children’s Cancer Community: provides support groups, cancer survival kits, scholarships, a cancer library, family assistance, special events and activities for families.
  • National Children’s Cancer Society: We serve as a financial, emotional, educational and medical resource for those in need at every stage of their illness and recovery. In the United States, we ease the financial burdens that accompany major illness; give crucial support and comfort; and address the challenges of survivorship.
  • Clayton Dabney Foundation for Kids with Cancer: Provides financial assistance for families when their child is diagnosed with cancer. The criteria and application, which must be completed by a professional, are online.
  • First Hand Foundation: Assists children with health problems by providing financial assistance for medical needs.
  • NeedyMeds: This web site offers information regarding financial assistance for pharmaceuticals.