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Benito, You Can Do It! Benito, Sí Se Puede!

Benito, You Can Do It! Benito, Sí Se Puede!

Upon receiving a childhood cancer diagnosis and being referred to Keaton’s Child Cancer Alliance, our families are delivered a Hope Chest, family care package. These customized packages include a personalized snuggle blanket and comfort items for the child in treatment as well as special gifts for their siblings. Several art therapy and educational books are… Continue Reading

Exciting News – Keaton Raphael Memorial is now Keaton’s Child Cancer Alliance!

Keaton’s Child Cancer Alliance, previously known as Keaton Raphael Memorial or “KRM,” supports northern California children with cancer and their families by offering programming and services designed to foster hope, strength and healing. Working with hospitals and through community referrals to identify children and families coping with cancer, “Keaton’s Alliance” provides direct assistance to over… Continue Reading

The Importance of Laughter

The Importance of Laughter

Many people think laughter is good for your health. Just listening to someone’s laugh seems to be good for your health. Researchers in Japan recently tested this idea using mice. They recorded sounds made by mice when they were happy (laughing) and when they were distressed (crying). The researchers then played these sounds for groups… Continue Reading

Keeping Our Families on the Road

Lukas- 1 year old Diagnosis: Neuroblastoma Lukas was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in April of this year after his parents took him to the emergency room for being unresponsive. Lukas spent his first Birthday in the ICU and has already endured 3 cycles of chemo. Despite the enormous hardship this family has faced, they continue to… Continue Reading

“You saved your child’s life,” the doctor told Brittany.

Brittany and Ameer are incredible parents to Kaysan and his new baby brother Zyan. This February Brittany noticed some bruises on Kayson’s legs and met with his pediatrician. “I thought he might need some iron or vitamins,” Brittany explained. The diagnosis was unthinkable. Three-year- old Kaysan has Acute Myelogenous Leukemia and faces rigorous courses of chemotherapy,… Continue Reading

Welcome Message From KRM’s New CEO

“I look forward to seeing the next chapter of KRM be elevated to yet another level.” – Teresa Hofhenke, former CEO of KRM Thank you Teresa. Thank you for the kind introduction, but more importantly, thank you for the amazing leadership you have provided KRM over the last four years. So many children with cancer… Continue Reading

From a Stage IV Diagnosis to an Inspiring Young Cancer Survivor

El Dorado Hills Family Battles Childhood Cancer Times Two September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and as KRM aims to spread awareness and advocacy for all children and families battling this deadly disease, we want to share an inspirational story of survivorship by one local El Dorado Hills family. One remarkable family has been part… Continue Reading

Makayla Walks Again

Against All Odds – Makayla Walks Again Makayla was born perfectly healthy on April 18, 2012. By 7 months old, she began standing up and cruising along the furniture to explore her surroundings. Around New Year’s 2012, she had a minor fall after which she was unable to stand and walk on her own. Tests… Continue Reading

#MiracleMaren Is Faster Than Cancer

#MiracleMaren is Faster than Cancer At 2.5 years old, Maren, experienced weeklong fevers and back pain. After several weeks of doctor’s visits, Maren’s pediatrician referred the family to Kaiser Roseville for further testing. The family checked in on July 28, 2014 and two days later an MRI confirmed a tumor on Maren’s spine. As Maren’s… Continue Reading

Companionship In Cancer

Keaton Raphael Memorial aids children and families alike By Jennifer Von Geldern, Comstock’s Magazine Worldwide, a child is diagnosed with cancer every three minutes. One in five diagnosed in the U.S. will not survive, and in America more children die of cancer than any other disease. That’s why Keaton Raphael Memorial (KRM) has become an… Continue Reading